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How to Improve Your CSR Score – New e-Book Series

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 6, 2017 10:12:08 AM / by CSRHub Blogging

CSRHub 3p How to Improve Your CSR Score e-Book seriesCSRHub is pleased to announce a new initiative with our long-time friends, Triple Pundit, a global media platform covering the intersection of people, planet and profit. CSRHub is publishing the first e-Book in a new e-Book series, How to Improve Your CSR Score, sponsored by Triple Pundit.

As the world’s largest sustainability business intelligence database, CSRHub is in a unique position to understand corporate social responsibility (CSR) ratings. We have studied each of our 525 data sources’ metrics, and our system automatically identifies which sustainability reporting investments add the most value, pinpoints areas of lagging or leading performance, and produces benchmarks against other companies. In How to Improve Your CSR Score, CSRHub will try to share some of the “secret sauce” its co-founders, Cynthia Figge and Bahar Gidwani, have developed through their combined 30+ years of experience with sustainability metrics.



Here is a taste of Book 1 of the series,

Understand the Ratings Landscape:

“In the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, as the oUnderstand the Ratings Landscape 2-1.jpgutlaws are relentlessly pursued by the sheriff and his posse, Paul Newman (Butch) occasionally stops to ask, “Who are those guys?” The ratings landscape may feel like this – unknown sources that doggedly track you down. The ratings landscape can be confusing and seem unfair—unless you happen to be out in front.  In this e-Book series, How to Improve Your CSR Score, we’ll share our experience to help you better manage your rating stakeholders, improve your performance, tell your CSR story, and improve your CSR score.”

Download the first e-Book of the series, Understand the Ratings Landscape. Bookmark this page and check back often, as we will list all of the e-Books in the series on this page.

TriplePundit, a Certified B-Corporation, is a global media platform covering the intersection of people, planet and profit. We believe business can be a force for good. With over 10 million unique annual page views, we cover topics ranging from global water and energy challenges to social justice and economic equality, sustainable food to corporate social responsibility, and much more!

TriplePundit’s mission is to further the conversation on the Triple Bottom Line in business.  

CSRHub provides access to the world’s largest corporate social responsibility and sustainability ratings and information.  It covers over 17,000 companies from 135 industries in 133 countries. By aggregating and normalizing the information from 525 data sources, CSRHub has created a broad, consistent rating system and a searchable database that links millions of rating elements back to their source. Managers, researchers and activists use CSRHub to benchmark company performance, learn how stakeholders evaluate company CSR practices, and seek ways to improve corporate sustainability performance.


Download e-Book

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CSR: How Fortune 500 Companies Measure Up

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 29, 2017 9:46:28 AM / by CSRHub Blogging

Guest article by Vice President of Editorial Content, Kelly Seiz of Skytop Strategies

As previously published on Skytop Strategies


It is well documented that CSR practices are both an emerging and rapidly expanding set of standards for 21st century corporations. As $30 to $40 trillion shifts hands from the current generation to the upcoming millennials over the next few decades, there are markedly different standards that companies must uphold to gain traction in the evolving investor and consumer market.

A recent study finds that 69% of high-net millennials place greater worth in putting their money toward companies that show a high level of corporate social responsibility (CSR), even if they might sacrifice their return for the greater good. As a result of this growing trend, there is a greater variety in the options available—the number of SRI funds that apply a high level of CSR have exploded in one year from 200 in 2013 to over 900 in 2014 alone—over a 300% increase.

While Fortune 500 companies are ranked by their annual revenue, Skytop Strategies analyzed their CSR ratings using CSRHub to see how they measure up in terms of corporate social responsibility.

The companies listed on CSRHub are rated using a database of socially responsible investing research firms, indexes, publications, ranking systems, NGOs, crowd sources and government agencies. Five hundred data sources’ elements are aggregated, mapped to 12 subcategories, normalized, and weighted by a patented algorithm, to give ratings for the four following categories and averaged out to give an overall CSR rating.

  • The Community category covers the company’s commitment and effectiveness within the local, national and global community in which it does business, including products, human rights and supply chain, and giving back and philanthropy.
  • The Employees category includes disclosure of policies, programs, and performance in diversity, labor relations and labor rights, compensation, benefits, and employee training, health and safety.
  • The Environment category covers a company's interactions with the environment at large, including use of natural resources, energy and climate change, environmental policies and reporting, and a company’s impact on the Earth’s ecosystems.
  • The Governance category covers disclosure of policies and procedures, board independence and diversity, executive compensation, attention to stakeholder concerns, and evaluation of a company’s culture of ethical leadership and compliance.

We evaluated the highest and lowest rating companies by their overall CSR score and delved into the ratings to discover why they ranked as the best and worst when it comes to corporate social responsibility.

Top Ranking Fortune 500 Companies.jpg 

Nationwide Financial Services Inc. ranked highest in both the Community and Environmental categories. The company has a long history in community engagement practices, including over 60 years of partnership with The American Red Cross and the Columbus Children’s Hospital. Their employees donate a total of nearly 16,000 units of blood annually, and Nationwide Financial Services provided a $100,000 Donation to Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program for Hurricane Matthew Relief. Nationwide has also partnered with Feeding America and donated 20 million meals over the course of 14 years.

In shareholder relations, ESG (environment, social, and corporate governance) and CSR efforts have proved to be valuable both in terms of brand value and company reputation. With over 33% growth in SRI investing over the past two years (SRI investing now accounts for more than $1 out of every $5 under professional management in the U.S.), corporate social, environmental and governance practices continue to gain relevance for investors and issuers alike.

New York Life Insurance Company ranked highest for Employees at 81 and Governance at 76. New York Life Insurance Company offers various educational programs for their employees, and is also well known for their inclusive policy toward employees of different backgrounds.

Bottom Ranking Fortune 500 Companies.jpg

Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. holds the lowest Employee rating with 41, which falls in the bottom 9% in terms of the Fortune 500 Employee ranking. They have a record of 100 violations with OSHA, many of them repeat offenses. In 2015 Dollar Tree paid a total of $825,000 in fines for blocked emergency exits, and improper storage methods that were in danger of injuring employees.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. holds the lowest overall CSR rating, despite being listed fourth on the Fortune 500. “Berkshire has extremely low CSR scores across all subcategories,” Cynthia Figge, COO and Co-founder of CSRHub says. “They have 45 data sources, including all 13 of our major ESG analyst source databases, so this provides a strong signal of their perceived performance.”

Fortune Global 500 firms spend over $15 billion a year on corporate philanthropy, and Spearhead a wide variety of social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Forty-three percent of Fortune 500 companies have set renewable or sustainable energy targets, 22 of which have committed to powering all of their operations with renewable energy.

While Fortune 500 companies may maintain the highest total revenue, the varying CSR ratings of the top-ranking companies show that fiscal performance doesn’t necessarily factor in social and environmental value. Still, PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey showed that CEOs believe that over the next five years, the most successful organizations in their respective industries will incorporate both financial and non-financial matters in reporting, have investors seeking ethical investments, make corporate responsibility core to the company, and that top talent will prefer to work for organizations with social values aligned to their own.

Beyond the bottom line, socially responsible corporations may sacrifice higher revenue to maintain brand value and reputability, which, given the shift in investor preference, may lead us to see a very different Fortune 500 list in the coming years.


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CSRHub's Cynthia Figge speaking at 2017 International Corporate Citizenship Conference at Boston College

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 15, 2017 10:29:51 AM / by CSRHub Blogging

CSRHub Co-Founder and COO, Cynthia Figge, will be a panelist at Boston 2017 International Corporate Citizenship Conference at Boston CollegeCollege’s 2017 International Corporate Citizenship Conference. This event will be held on March 26-28th in Boston, MA. Cynthia will be speaking at the Session focused on Evolving Reporting Landscape.  

The evolving reporting landscape: Using the data you disclose

The number of companies engaging in sustainability reporting is at an all-time high—and growing. Now, the conversation no longer centers on whether companies should report but rather how.  In this session, learn more about the trends and topics that are shaping the future of reporting, and what you can do now to make sure that you are leveraging the process in such a way that creates a better business—and a better world.

Breakout Session: Evolving Reporting Landscape

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Moderator: Dan Bross, BCCCC Executive Forum emeritus

Panelists:   Dana Beckman, Director Corporate Affairs, Alliance Data
Cynthia Figge, COO and Cofounder, CSRHub
Evan Harvey, Director of Corporate Responsibility, NASDAQ
Julia Wilson, Director, Global Responsibility and Sustainability, Nielsen


To see more of our partners’ training opportunities or where Cynthia Figge or Bahar Gidwani will be speaking next, please click here.



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CSRHub’s Cynthia Figge speaking at CSR 3.0

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 13, 2017 9:57:49 AM / by CSRHub Blogging

Skytop Strategies CSR 3 b.jpg

Skytop Strategies will launch its second annual CSR Summit on March 9th in San Francisco.

This year’s program will bring together leaders in corporate responsibility, citizenship, philanthropy, marketing, strategy, procurement, and human capital to discuss the alignment between CSR and company strategy, and how that alignment affects reputation and company value.

This full-day discussion will help companies and CSR practitioners assess how to maximize the benefits of their programs for themselves and align their interests with those of their stakeholders.

CSRHub’s co-founder Cynthia Figge will be contributing to The Performance Connection: How Feedback (Criticism) from Highly Active Stakeholders Improves CSR Reporting session.  She will be interviewing Justin Murrill, Senior Manager, Corporate Sustainability, Advanced Micro.

For the full program, click here.


Some of the other thought leaders who will join this year's summit include:

  • Lori Duvall, Director, Global Impact, Ebay Inc.
  • Sunya Ojure, Senior Manager, Sustainability, Salesforce
  • Phil Berry, Former Sustainability Director, Nike Inc.
  • Cecily Joseph, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility & Chief Diversity Officer, Symantec
  • Michelle Crozier, Director, Sustainability & Social Impact, Adobe, Executive Director, Adobe Foundation
  • Evan Harvey, Director, Corporate Responsibility, Nasdaq
  • Andrew Behar, Chief Executive Officer, As You Sow
  • Susan Beverly, Director, Global Citizenship & Policy, Abbott


Selected agenda topics include:

  • Communicating the Value in Effective CSR Practices
  • The Generational Divide: It’s Not the Data, It’s Who’s Interpreting—and Reacting—to It
  • Storytelling: How to Effectively Build Internal Consensus, Secure Resources and Forge Ahead with a Winning Strategy
  • How to Take CSR to the Next Level: Tools for Integrating Business Purpose and Social Purpose
  • The Performance Connection: How Criticism from Highly Active Stakeholders Improves CSR Reporting


Members of CSRHub receive a 25% discount off the dated price. To register at this special rate please contact Josh Galow - VP Delegate Engagement at JGalow@skytopstrategies.com.  


Cynthia Figge, Co-founder and COO of CSRHubCynthia Figge is a forerunner and thought leader in the corporate sustainability movement who co-founded EKOS International in 1996, one of the first consultancies integrating sustainability and corporate strategy. Cynthia is COO and Cofounder of CSRHub. Cynthia has worked with major organizations including BNSF, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Dow Jones, and REI to help craft sustainability strategy integrated with business. She was an Officer of LIN Broadcasting/McCaw Cellular leading new services development, and started a new “Greenfield” mill with Weyerhaeuser. She serves as Advisor to media and technology companies, and served as President of the Board of Sustainable Seattle. Cynthia has an MBA from Harvard Business School. Cynthia is based in the Seattle area.


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A Gift - Help 10 Students and Yourself - One for TEN for CSR

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 16, 2016 11:06:19 AM / by CSRHub Blogging

We are thankful for all the hard work to advance CSR and sustainability this year. In gratitude, CSRHub will give you 10% off an annual plan AND give TEN students a free subscription for their academic research… from now until 12/31. We are calling this our One for Ten for CSR.

Every day we receive many requests from students around the world seeking access to our database for their researchCSRhub on company behavior. These students can change the world and often cannot afford even a reduced fee subscription.  

Many are reviewing their yearend 2016 budgets and telling us they are ready to start their CSRHub subscription. Are you ready to get started, too?  Simply use coupon code ONEfor10 during checkout.

There is no better time to gain full access to the world’s largest sustainability business intelligence database available. Our ratings and rankings tools will help you benchmark, evaluate, and improve company sustainability performance.

  • 16,500+ companies to drill down to 12 subcategory levels and pinpoint areas to improve
  • Ready-to-go, macro-powered dashboards to do the analysis for you
  • API access – custom research – reports
  • We can’t tell you this one yet – but it will knock your socks off! We are piloting a new tool to help you figure out which of your “high influencer” raters think you’ve been naughty or nice! 


More easy-to-use tools are under development right now to ensure you have a sustainable and successful 2017! Now is the time to get started - use coupon code ONEfor10 during checkout.

Do you need help picking out the best plan for your needs? Simply contact us and we will be happy to guide you and answer your questions. Please feel free to pass this offer along.


Bahar and Cynthia


 Cofounders of CSRHub.png

Bahar Gidwani and Cynthia Figge, Co-founders of CSRHub

CSRHub provides access to the world’s largest corporate social responsibility and sustainability ratings and information.  It covers over 16,000 companies from 135 industries in 133 countries. By aggregating and normalizing the information from 491 data sources, CSRHub has created a broad, consistent rating system and a searchable database that links millions of rating elements back to their source. Managers, researchers and activists use CSRHub to benchmark company performance, learn how stakeholders evaluate company CSR practices, and seek ways to improve corporate sustainability performance.


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