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May 26, 2011 CSRHub Blogging

CSRHUB Releases Sustainability Ratings Widget

New Paltz, NY

CSRHUB is proud to announce the launch of its Sustainability Ratings Widget. This tool, currently in beta, will enable users to quickly access environmental, employee, community and governance ratings on about 5,000 publicly-traded companies in 135 industries in 65 countries. The widget will appear on a new sustainability section of The Huffington Post and on Triple Pundit, an innovative sustainability new media site.


“We are excited to release our Sustainability Ratings Widget, and pleased that The Huffington Post and Triple Pundit share this excitement,” said CSRHUB Co-founder and CEO, Bahar Gidwani. “Knowledge is power, and CSRHUB gives the widest access to companies’ CSR and sustainability performance to help people make their social value convictions actionable.”


CSRHUB developed the widget as part of a suite of API tools that allow web publishers and software developers to integrate sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) information into their products. CSRHUB also plans to release a RESTful-API into its 1.9 million item database of sustainability information. You can see an early release of the widget at http://www.csrhub.com/content/sustainability-rating-widget.


CSRHUB announced its new tool at the Strategic News Service (SNS) Future in Review (FiRe) technology conference, where it was named a 2011 FiReStarter company. CSRHUB was showcased by the BBC and on panels throughout the conference. The Economist has called FiRe “The best technology conference in the world.”


“We were selected as a FiReStarter company based on our potential to bring positive change to the world,” said Cynthia Figge, CSRHUB Co-founder and COO. “This validates the significance of CSRHUB’s work providing open access to sustainability information.”


CSRHUB is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) ratings tool and sustainability information hub that enables managers, researchers, consultants, students and activists to track the CSR and sustainability performance of major companies. CSRHUB aggregates data from more 100 sources to provide its users with a comprehensive source of CSR information on about 5,000 publicly traded companies in 65 countries. CSRHUB is a B Corporation. Browse CSRHUB’s ratings at www.csrhub.com.




Published by CSRHub Blogging May 26, 2011