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Jun 18, 2020 CSRHub Blogging

CSRHub Partners with FinMason to Provide ESG Ratings for Wealth Mgmt

New YorkJune 18, 2020 -- CSRHub, the leading provider of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) consensus ratings, today announced that it has partnered with FinMason, a FinTech firm and investment analytics provider that enables WealthTech platforms to accelerate development and time-to-market, to redistribute its ESG ratings via FinMason’s award-winning API. CSRHub_FinMason

“CSRHub’s multifaceted approach to standardizing ESG data and rankings, and the ability they offer to drill down to several subcategory levels, gives investors a holistic and normalized basis upon which to compare the sustainability performance of various firms,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CEO of FinMason. “We’re excited to contribute the scalability and ease-of-use that our API delivers to help make CSRHub’s ESG data more readily accessible to WealthTech firms and, ultimately, end investors.”

CSRHub helps investors, corporations, and API partners integrate ESG data into their decision-making processes. Using a patented algorithm that aggregates and harmonizes disparate data from over 650 ESG sources, CSRHub generates a consensus score for the ESG performance of more than 19,000 companies from 134 industries in 143 countries. With many disparate sources of ESG information available, centralizing and interpreting ESG metrics has become burdensome for many firms. CSRHub streamlines ESG data and makes it useful and powerful. CSRHub data can be used to benchmark ESG performance, increase corporate market value, uncover portfolio opportunities and risks, back-test theories about ESG behavior, and integrate ESG trends into other Business Intelligence data sets.

“Partnering with FinMason to deliver both their analytics and CSRHub’s ESG data to clients via a single API will empower platforms and investors to leverage powerful insights and enhance their decision-making processes,” said Cynthia Figge, CEO of CSRHub. “The ease of integration that their API offers, and the synergy that their analytics have with our ESG data for better-equipping investors, make them a natural choice as a partner.”

Firms interested in learning more can contact CSRHub at www.CSRHub.com or FinMason at www.finmason.com.


CSRHub offers one of the world’s broadest and most consistent set of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings, covering 19,000 companies. Its Big Data algorithm combines millions of data points on ESG performance from hundreds of sources, including leading ESG analyst raters, to produce consensus scores on all aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. CSRHub ratings can be used to drive corporate, investor and consumer decisions. For more information, visit www.CSRHub.com. CSRHub is a B Corporation.


FinMason, a data redistributor and one of the world's largest investment analytics engines for financial services platforms, enables WealthTech platforms to accelerate development and time-to-market while retaining control of their user experience. Built with speed, flexibility, and scalability in mind, the financial technology firm calculates and delivers more than 700 analytics on every publicly-traded asset in the world via one simple API. For more information, visit www.FinMason.com and follow FinMason on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

Published by CSRHub Blogging June 18, 2020