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Jan 13, 2022 CSRHub Blogging

Drucker Institute 2021 Management Top 250 Rankings includes CSRHub Metrics

Each year the Drucker Institute ranks America’s Top 250 ‘best run companies’, presented in special coverage from The Wall Street Journal. CSRHub is proud to say that, for a fifth consecutive year, our ESG data is included in Drucker’s ratings’ methodology. 

Drucker ranks America’s largest publicly traded companies by corporate effectiveness in the five key performance areas of: customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility, and financial strength. CSRHub’s ESG rating platform, which has now surpassed 800 sources with ratings on over 27,000 companies, has been leveraged as a third-party source to help inform Drucker’s ranking. 

You can learn more about the 2021 ranking on Drucker Institute’s website.

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About CSRHub

We provide consensus ratings of company ESG performance as a lever to improve corporate sustainability. We hope that our transparent data platform is part of a broad change that relates company value to its environmental, social and governance performance.

Our measure of the consensus view of the societal impact of entities is based on aggregating over 800 sources of ESG data, including 17 of the leading ESG analyst datasets from MSCI, ISS, S&P Global, and others, and publishing ratings when we can accurately estimate them. To date, we have rated over 27,000 entities and have published data on another 22,000. The entities we currently rate include more than 90% of the world market cap.

We believe our work has had a number of positive outcomes and continues to contribute to the maturation of the ESG ratings space.

Published by CSRHub Blogging January 13, 2022