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May 25, 2017 CSRHub Blogging

How to Improve Your CSR Score – Download e-Books

CSRHub has released two e-books focused around the topic of ‘How to Improve Your CSR Score’, sponsored by Triple Pundit. In this e-Book series, How to Improve Your CSR Score, we’ll share our experience to help you better manage your rating stakeholders, improve your performance, tell your CSR story, and improve your CSR score.

Understand the Ratings Landscape explores:Understand the Ratings Landscape 2-1.jpg

  • The CSR Ratings Chaos
  • ESG/SRI Analysts
  • Organizations and Groups
    • Nongovernmental organizations
    • Publications and News Organizations
    • Government Agencies
    • Private Research Groups
  • Know Your Raters

Download e-Book


Ratings and Frameworks: Where is the Puck Going? explores:CSRHub e-Book 2 Ratings and Frameworks.jpg

  • Where Has the Puck Been? (The History of disclosed sustainability-related information)
  • Why the Puck Hasn’t Gone into the Goal (Self-Reporting and Surveys-dependency created gaps and inconsistencies)
  • Where the Puck Will Head Next (The Future Direction of CSR Ratings and Frameworks)
  • If You Want to Score, You Will Need to Change the Way You Play (The need for Compliance with New Standards)


Download e-Book


Bookmark this page and check back often, as we will list all the e-books in the series on this page.

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Published by CSRHub Blogging May 25, 2017