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Jun 10, 2020 CSRHub Blogging

Telemet Adds Popular ESG Data to Its Flagship Investment Platform

Alexandria, VA  - Telemet America, Inc. a provider of integrated financial information, analytical applications, and charting has added ESG sustainability data to its popular Telemet Orion investment platform sourced from CSRHub®.

CSRHub’s sustainability data adds to a growing list of new services from Telemet in recent years.

ESG ratings and rankings drive perceptions of brand, risk and value.  As such they may affect a company’s business operations and investment performance.  They may also drive buy or sell decisions by asset owners and reveal differences in asset owning preferences.  These impact an institution’s ability to gather and maintain assets across generations.

About Telemet

Since 1979 Telemet has offered real-time market data, stunning charts, deep financial research and portfolio attribution analysis for investment professionals.   Telemet sustainability metrics are deeply integrated into the Telemet Orion investment platform and may be incorporated into portfolio reports to highlight ESG factors.   

About CSRHub®

CSRHub provides access to corporate social responsibility and sustainability ratings and information on  19,000 companies from 134 industries in 143 countries.  Investment and corporate managers and researchers use CSRHub to benchmark company performance, learn how stakeholders evaluate company CSR practices and seek ways to change the world.  Their data comes from socially responsible investing research firms, well-known indexes, publications, “best of” or “worst of” lists, NGOs, crowd sources and government agencies. By aggregating and normalizing the information from these sources, CSRHub has created a broad, consistent rating system and a searchable database that links each rating point back to its source.

For more information, contact Telemet at walker@taquote.com  703-548-2042

Published by CSRHub Blogging June 10, 2020