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Oct 10, 2011 CSRHub Blogging

CSRHUB Gets a Tune-Up: APIs and Company Websites

6168504404_1b6a322ac7_b Over the last two months, the CSRHUB team has quietly added new features to our website.  One, which we think you’ll especially like, is a direct link to the CSR area of company websites.

About 45% of the around 5,000 companies we track have added this kind of info to their corporate websites and we want all of our registered users to have access to these reports too. Visit any CSRHUB company page, and you'll now have access to that company's CSR website (if it has one), located just below the link to its main site. If you're a pro subscriber, you can also export these sites for any list of companies you've already put together in the CSRHUB database, using our XML tool. Just put the CSR website into your list layout and click the red XML button.

We’ve also released a new version of our RESTful API.  For all you geeks out there, that means that professional subscribers can now get an API key that allows them to do JSON calls. (Say those words to your development team and you’ll see a big smile.)  We've also added training videos to our advanced search help page, and given subscribers access to even more sustainability data than before. We now aggregate 125 sources of data with 3 million data elements.

There's lots more in the works, but we’d love to hear suggestions from you about how to improve CSRHUB. Send us an idea at ideas@csrhub.com and we’ll send you back a coupon that will give you 40% off your next subscription or report purchase.

 Photo courtesy of Chris McCardle via Flickr (CC).

Published by CSRHub Blogging October 10, 2011