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Jun 13, 2014 CSRHub Blogging

CSR Insight Media Partner Announcement: Press Release and Event Listing



Regulatory and Investor Focus on Corporate ESG:

New and Upcoming Developments; Board and C-Suite Focus.

JUNE 24, 2014, 12:00pm-1:30pm ET


NEW YORK, NY – Global ESG Regulatory Academy™ and CSR Insight™ LLC are hosting an online, live, 90-minute Webinar event:  ESG Issues on the Board Agenda, June 24, 2014, featuring an exciting international roster of experts.  The Program provides a comprehensive Briefing and expert Commentary on key global ESG regulatory and market developments, and ESG reporting issues and challenges, that all Board and C-Suite executives should be considering NOW to respond to new regulatory requirements, new investor expectations, and new competitive pressures.  In addition, Speakers will reveal what is on the drawing board for ESG regulation and ESG capital market investment for the remainder of 2014.  A live Q&A will provide the opportunity to ask questions directly of the Speakers.

Registration is now open.  This event has limited capacity; early registration is recommended.  US$249 for U.S. registrants; US$259 for non-U.S. registrants; group registration discounts; 10% discount for CSRHub readers (Discount Code CSRH10refid0614).  All registrants, regardless of whether you attend the live Webinar, will receive the Webinar archived recording and all Speaker slide presentation materials to review at your leisure.

Event Summary:  http://www.cvent.com/d/64qx7p

Event Registration:  http://www.cvent.com/d/64qx7p/4W

Mobile Event Hub:  http://www.cvent.com/d/64qx7p/5C?dvce=2

Mobile Event Registration:  http://www.cvent.com/d/64qx7p/4W?dvce=2

Program and Speaker Summary:


TOPIC 1:  Increasing ESG Regulatory and Market Focus Around the World: New Developments and Initiatives—Speakers:


·         Linda Lowson, Esq., CEO, Global ESG Regulatory Academy™: Legal and Regulatory Developments Overview

§  New and emerging national securities regulation

§  New and emerging stock exchange listing requirements

§  Recent SEC developments


·         Alison Dempsey, Esq., Director of Research, Global ESG Regulatory Academy™: Market-Based Drivers Overview

§  Investor focus: institutional and active investor scrutiny

§  Voluntary reporting as the new baseline


·         Evan Harvey, Managing Director, Corporate Sustainability, The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.

§  CERES Proposed Listing Standards

§  Sustainable Stock Exchange (SSE) Initiative Key Developments

§  World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) Sustainability Working Group Developments


TOPIC 2:  Increasing Investor Focus and Competitive Pressure:  Board Oversight; Shareholder Resolutions and Proxy Voting; New ESG Indices and Ratings—Speakers:


·         Peter DeSimone, Co-Founder, Deputy Director, Sustainable Investments Institute (Si2)

§  Board Oversight of ESG Issues:  Key Findings of April 2014 Report published by Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute (IRRCI)

§  Shareholder resolutions and Proxy Voting:  Key Trends for the 2014 Proxy Season


·         Julia Kochetygova, Senior Director, Product Management, S&P Dow Jones Indices

§  Overview of Role of Sustainability Indices from Investor Perspective; Historical Phases and Recent Trends.

§  What New Sustainability Indices Mean for Boards.

§  Conceptual Framework for New S&P Dow Jones ESG Tilted Indices.


TOPIC 3:  Increasing Risk: New Financial Reporting Challenges—Speaker:


·         Cecilia Thorn, Head of International Relations, Financial Reporting Council

§ 2014 EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive: Reporting Requirements and Impacts.

§  Forthcoming European Commission’s ESG/CSR Initiatives on the Drawing Board for 2014.


Previous Global ESG Regulatory Academy™ Webinar Series recordings are now available for a very limited time on demand at a discount, with all Speaker slide presentations.


·         WINTER 2014 ANNUAL WRAP-UP: ESG Regulatory and Voluntary Reporting: Most Important 2013 Developments, Radar 2014, and Key Policy Issues

·         FUTURE OF ESG REPORTING AND KEY ACTORS: What You Need to Know About ESG Regulatory and Voluntary Reporting.

·         SEC ESG COMPLIANCE—Where the Rubber Meets the Road: SEC ESG Requirements, Liabilities, and Challenges for Public Companies, Boards, Auditors, and Asset Owners and Managers.

For Registration, Speaker, and Sponsor Queries:  Contact Linda Lowson, Esq., HERE.

About the Global ESG Regulatory Academy™:

The Global ESG Regulatory Academy™ provides the first-ever independent professional education on global ESG regulation, ESG regulatory and voluntary reporting, and ESG capital market issues.  The Global ESG Regulatory Academy™ also provides customized, on-site educational seminars and workshops for companies, boards, asset owners and managers, and NGOs.  Its parent company, CSR Insight™ LLC, founded in 2007, completed a comprehensive 5-year, US$5.5 million Global ESG Regulatory and Capital Market Research Program to develop the Knowledge Base content foundation for this unique, important, and sophisticated professional education.

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