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Jul 22, 2014 CSRHub Blogging

EKOS International Launches Benchmark Report Service Using CSRHub Data


We are excited to announce that EKOS International is providing a new customized benchmark report service. Using data from CSRHub, the world’s largest database of sustainability ratings, the reports help companies assess their CSR performance compared to selected competitor, customer and peer companies, as a valuable input to their sustainability strategy and goal setting.

EKOS provides strategic sustainability consulting for many of North America’s best-known corporations and has been an international thought-leading consultancy on integrating sustainability for competitive advantage for almost 20 years. EKOS is using CSRHub’s 8,900 company ratings and millions of data points from over 300 sources to evaluate, compare, and objectively assess where its clients are leading and/or lagging. Clients receive actionable benchmarking analyses and strategic planning that they can use as a springboard for designing and accelerating their corporate sustainability performance.

CSRHub is adding EKOS’ benchmark service to its CSR Report Hub. To see CSRHub partner reports and the new EKOS customized report offering, go to the CSRHub reports page.

About EKOS International

EKOS International is a leading strategic sustainability consulting firm, helping companies understand the imperative for sustainability as a key driver of competitive advantage, and integrate CSR/ Sustainability into core strategy and operations. EKOS delivers customized solutions for strategic planning, global benchmarking, sustainability roadmaps and implementation, CSR Reporting, employee engagement, materiality assessment, and innovation.

For more information, visit www.ekosi.com or contact Lorinda Rowledge, Partner and Co-Founder, EKOS International: lrowledge@ekosi.com 206-232-4000

About CSRHub

CSRHub creates simple, direct comparisons of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability performance among competitors and across supply chains, industry, and regions. It reinforces third-party standards and encourages transparency and responsible behavior. Our comprehensive database of CSR information provides a complete set of sustainability metrics and tools. We support and serve the decision-making needs of corporate managers, researchers and activists.

For more information, visit www.csrhub.com or contact Bahar Gidwani, CEO and Co-Founder, CSRHub, bahar@csrhub.com.


Published by CSRHub Blogging July 22, 2014