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Sep 29, 2016 CSRHub Blogging

CSRHub’s Cynthia Figge Speaking at Future in Review

CSRHub COO and Co-founder Cynthia Figge is speaking at the Future in Review (FiRe) Conference today at Stein Eriksen Lodge, Park City, Utah.

Cynthia is hosting "Human Trafficking and the SNS GRS System in the UK" with Andrew Wallis OBE, Founder and CEO, Unseen UK.


With scant data yet an acknowledged growing problem estimated to affect 46 million victims and an illicit trade with profits of at least $150 billion per annum, combatting modern slavery is a critical problem facing societies around the globe.

Andrew Wallis OBE, Founder and CEO of Unseen UK, and Cynthia Figge, Cofounder and COO of CSRHub, discuss this global challenge. Helplines are part of the solution and the UK’s Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource Centre brings us closer to the eradication of modern slavery. Now, victims, the public, statutory agencies and businesses have access to information and support on a 24/7 basis. The next goal is to move to an easily remembered and internationally recognisable 3-digit or 4-digit helpline number. This means anyone can call, regardless of where they are in the world.

Adding to the data gathered from the helpline, redacted data from survivors, law enforcement data and business data, we will begin to be able to analyse and model those data sets to understand the nature, scale and typology of the issue and over time allow big data providers such as CSRHub and others to help us move predictive analysis in combating modern slavery.

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"Human Trafficking and the SNS GRS System in the UK":

  • With Andrew Wallis OBE, Founder and CEO, Unseen UK
  • Hosted by Cynthia Figge, Co-Founder and COO, CSRHub and EKOS International

Future in Review

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Published by CSRHub Blogging September 29, 2016