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Jan 31, 2024 CSRHub Blogging

CSRHub Connects to Corporate Register

Corporate Register is the world’s most comprehensive online database of non-financial reporting, with over 203,000 reports profiled from over 28,100 organizations. Of these, over 189,300 reports are from over 26,500 companies (the remaining reports are from non-corporates such as universities, governments, trade associations, etc.).

CSRHub recently connected the 54,000+ entities it tracks (which also includes both corporate and non-corporate organizations) to more than 11,000 of the 28,000+ entities that Corporate Register tracks. Our users can now discover if Corporate Register has corporate responsibility reports in its files for these entities.

This association produced an immediate and satisfying result! We found that the average overall rating of entities who have a report in Corporate Register’s system was 54.3—substantially above the average for all entities that CSRHub tracks. The outperformance of reporting companies was especially strong in Environment Policy & Reporting (6.0 points above average) and Training, Health & Safety (6.1 points above average). But reporting companies outperformed significantly on all twelve of CSRHub’s subcategory topics.

Corporate Sustainability Reports with Better than Average Ratings

Corporate Register not only records whether or not an entity reports—it also absorbs and analyzes each report it discovers. It stores the original report and then tags it with data such as which standards an entity adhered to, how long its report was, and which consulting firm or design firm was involved in producing the report.

Now that we have connected our data set with this rich resource of reporting information, we can do further studies to help guide corporate sustainability managers towards more effective reporting. We hope those in our community who want to view reports from individual entities (Corporate Register’s online archive stretches back to the beginnings of non-financial reporting in the early 1990s) will contact Corporate Register to request further information.

About CSRHub

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Published by CSRHub Blogging January 31, 2024