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Dec 08, 2017 CSRHub Blogging

The Drucker Institute Releases the Management Top 250 Rankings

CSRHub is proud to announce The Drucker Institute launch of a new measure of corporate performance—one that gives executives and investors a more complete, longer-term view of how companies are being managed. The Management Top 250 ranking, as published in The Wall Street Journal, is based on a holistic measure of corporate effectiveness that was developed by the Drucker Institute, a part of Claremont Graduate University, and based on the writings of the late management guru Peter Drucker. The ranking judges overall corporate effectiveness through the lens of 37 indicators that fall under five dimensions of performance: customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility and financial strength. The Drucker Institute defines effectiveness as Mr. Drucker did: “doing the right things well.”




The indicators for the new measurement come from a dozen data providers: the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Bloomberg Finance LP, Clarivate Analytics, CSRHub, Glassdoor, HIP Investor, PayScale, Satmetrix Systems, the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, Sustainalytics, Temkin Group and wRatings. To learn more about the data see http://www.drucker.institute/rankings-data/

The ranking includes U.S. companies whose shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq Stock Market, and which meet specific criteria related to value and prominence. The Drucker Institute reports that it is clear from their research that “statistically significant increases in the areas of innovation, social responsibility, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement and development help to pump up a company’s financial strength within two years. And if those intangibles continue to improve, the gains in financial strength accelerate over time.”

You can learn more about the new measure on The Drucker Institute’s website at http://www.drucker.institute/rankings/, with the full ranking of all 693 companies available at http://www.drucker.institute/rankings-2017/.

The Wall Street Journal released the new measure at WSJ.com/ManagementTop250

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Published by CSRHub Blogging December 8, 2017