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Jul 31, 2012 CSRHub Blogging

Source 44 and CSRHub Strategic Alliance Enables Unprecedented Sustainability Benchmarking, Reporting and Compliance


Offering combines the first interactive web-based supply chain transparency tool, Source Intelligence™, with the world’s largest database of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability ratings and reports.

SOLANA BEACH, CA and NEW PALTZ, NY (July 31, 2012) - Source 44, a leading provider of supply chain sustainability solutions and home to Source Intelligence™, and CSRHub, provider of the largest CSR and sustainability ratings database in the world, today announced a strategic alliance that will provide companies with unprecedented data and analytical and visualization capabilities for corporate benchmarking and compliance reporting.

“This partnership was formed to bring real value to companies seeking to gain control of their supply chains and mitigate associated risks while ensuring overall corporate sustainability,” said Matt Thorn, Chief Operating Officer at Source 44.

“With the imminent rules on supply chain due diligence, companies are gearing up to dig deeper into their supply chains than ever before,” Thorn added. “Through our partnership with CSRHub, they will be able to achieve supply chain transparency while understanding their overall company sustainability position on a comparative industry level.”

CSRHub rates and scores about 5,000 publicly traded companies in 65 countries on their levels of corporate social responsibility, using technology to aggregate 175 information sources that measure environmental performance, corporate governance, community engagement and treatment of employees.

Source 44’s interactive web-based tool, Source Intelligence™, is the leading source of supply chain sustainability intelligence. This groundbreaking technology incorporates a wide variety of key sustainability indicators and easy-to-use visualization tools that enable companies to benchmark, report and drive sustainability through their supply chains.

“These offerings blend high-level and fine-detail sustainability data to give companies a much more precise and at the same time comprehensive picture of their sustainability,” Thorn said. “This means companies will now have both the information and tools they need to reach their sustainability goals, from meeting compliance requirements to protecting their most important asset, their brand.”

“CSRHub is excited to partner with Source 44 to provide customers seeking to improve the sustainability of their supply chain and company with powerful tools for data analysis, insight and decision making,” said Cynthia Figge, Chief Operating Officer and Cofounder of CSRHub.


About Source 44

Source 44, home of Source Intelligence™, delivers a unique blend of cost-effective technology, expertise and data to rapidly improve supply chain sustainability and transparency.  We offer solutions tailored to the distinct challenges that retailers and manufacturers face when they set out to define and meet sustainability targets, from assessing suppliers for increased supply chain transparency and brand protection to complying with conflict minerals requirements. Each solution is powered by groundbreaking technology within Source Intelligence™, which drives companies to meet sustainability goals like never before.

Get More. With Source 44. Visit: s44.co  Source 44 is a B Corp.

About Source 44’s Conflict Minerals Program: http://www.source-44.com/content/cm-ondemand

About CSRHub


CSRHub® provides access to the largest corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability ratings and information database in the world.


CSRHub provides access to corporate social responsibility and sustainability ratings and information on nearly 5,000 companies from 135 industries in 65 countries. Managers, researchers and activists use CSRHub to benchmark company performance, learn how stakeholders evaluate company CSR practices and track company and industry ratings monthly.


CSRHub rates 12 indicators of employee, environment, community and governance performance and flags company involvement in many special issues. We offer subscribers immediate access to millions of detailed data points from our 175 data sources. Our data comes from six socially responsible investing firms, CDP, well-known indexes, publications, “best of” or “worst of” lists, NGOs, crowd sources and government agencies. By aggregating and normalizing the information from these sources, CSRHub has created a broad, consistent rating system and a searchable database that links each rating point back to its source.

CSRHub's goal is to foster access to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) information. We aim to be an engine of transparency that encourages more consistent and actionable disclosure from all types of organizations. CSRHub is a B Corp.

Website: http://www.csrhub.com

For More Information

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Cynthia Figge, Chief Operating Officer

Email: cynthia@csrhub.com

Published by CSRHub Blogging July 31, 2012